List of Projects/Hacks I have worked on

  • (Code)

  • Adds better error handling/notification ability to the otherwise vanilla shell scripts.(Linux Only)

    The Idea

    While it’s easy to know when a error occurs while a shell script is running,
    when that error happens though we can pretty much do only one thing – terminate the script and cleanup.
    This is even worse when you are running a script which has to do a LOT OF WORK.
    Here, I don’t want to restart the process from the very beginning if/when a error occurs,
    it would be AWESOME if I had a tool which can monitor the script and if a error occurred it:

    1. Suspends the script immediately.
    2. Sends out an e-mail notifying me about the error and also how to resume/terminate that script.

    Now in this case I can just either correct and then rerun the step at which the error occurred and can resume the script.
    Well, that’s the basic GIST, you can read more about it in this blog post

  • Where Am I ( Code Demo)

  • Displays your current location in google maps using HTML5 GeoLocation API.
    Technologies used

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